Work on Patch 0.3.0a is progressing and I should be able to launch it tonight around 11PM ET (GMT-5).

If it doesn't go out this evening, it'll be tomorrow, Sunday, January 26, around 6pm ET (GMT-5).

Patch 0.3.0a will not bring with it new questions, unfortunately. What it will bring is mobile responsiveness, so you'll be able to use your phone, a tablet or a desktop machine to access River of Kurn. I know, I know, it's about time.

Also included in the patch will be a small fix to some JavaScript which I seem to have inadvertently broken with the release of 0.2.0a. 🙄

And, if everything goes super well, maybe a gameplay addition as well.

(Spoiler: everything probably won't go super well.)

Edit: This has been changed to Sunday, January 26 at 6pm ET (GMT-5).

While the mobile responsiveness is going pretty well and is just about done, there's a bit of a bug going on right now with something that I should fix before deploying anything and I'm not sure I'll get it done this evening, so I'm pushing the deploy back to tomorrow.


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