On Saturday, May 16, at about 9pm ET, I'll be bringing the server down for a while in order to apply Patch 0.4.0.

It's a biggish patch with a lot of database changes. Most notably, the first challenge, The Rapids, will be implemented. Full patch notes will be posted here, of course. That said, this is liable to take, oh, you know, several hours.

I'll keep this thread updated, as per usual.

Thanks so much,

Julie :)


  • This maintenance window that was originally scheduled for Saturday, May 9 at 8pm ET has now been pushed back to Sunday, May 10 at 4pm ET.

    This thread will be updated as events warrant.

    Julie :)

  • I've pushed maintenance back to Saturday, May 16, around 9pm ET, because there are just a ton of little things that need to be accounted for and I'm not going to be done in time for this scheduled window, unfortunately.

    Julie :)

  • All right, we're in maintenance for the next several hours, probably. I'll post again here when we're live with Patch 0.4.0a!

    Patch notes will be posted as well.

    Julie :)

  • Hoo boy. Almost six hours later, the maintenance window is done. (Actual maintenance is happening in a few minutes, though.)

    Patch 0.4.0a is live and contains the first of the challenges, The Rapids!

    Please do check out the patch notes:

    Thanks so much, all!

    Julie :)

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