River of Kurn Patch Notes: Patch 0.3.0a

River of Kurn, version 0.3.0a (Alpha Patch 3)

Released January 26, 2020


- Friends, the site is mobile responsive! More or less, anyhow. I'm sure there are still some rough edges. Please let me know if you have issues on any device and please let me know:

  • which device
  • which browser
  • what the issue was (screenshot is super helpful!)

- Some navigation tweaks (hamburger menu, etc) to ensure mobile users can easily get around the site.

- Added the Twitter logo at the bottom of all pages where you're not logged in, linking to @RiverOfKurn on Twitter.


- Added an apostrophe to a question that was missing one. Again, my apologies for the horrific grammar that existed for four months.

- Fixed a nasty password bug that I'd inadvertantly caused when writing the forgot password stuff and refactoring the password functions in general back on January 5. Whoopsiedoodle. All better!


- There are a number of pages that a user will come across that are not at all styled. These will be fixed before beta.

- There's a really annoying bug in the paddle functionality. You'll know it if you see it. Please don't abuse it. Thank you!

- There are currently no "challenges", at least one of which should be implemented for beta, with the others being added incrementally in beta.

- There is not currently an end to the game. This will hopefully be implemented for beta, but way before launch if not.


A small FAQ for Alpha can be found here:


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