River of Kurn Patch Notes: Patch 0.3.1a

River of Kurn, version 0.3.1a (Alpha Patch 4)

Released February 29, 2020


- There is now a small chance, under certain conditions, to encounter a special event while foraging for food.

I'll be adding more of these sorts of things as time goes on.


- Fixed up some punctuation issues in the incorrect answer code

- Added an alternate answer to the question about the longest nerve in the body


- There are a number of pages that a user will come across that are not at all styled. These will be fixed before beta.

- There's a really annoying bug in the paddle functionality. You'll know it if you see it. Please don't abuse it. Thank you!

- There are currently no "challenges", at least one of which should be implemented for beta, with the others being added incrementally in beta.

- There is not currently an end to the game. This will hopefully be implemented for beta, but way before launch if not.


A small FAQ for Alpha can be found here:


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