River of Kurn Patch Notes: Patch 0.1.1

River of Kurn, version 0.1.1a (Alpha Patch 1)

Released September 22, 2019


- A new maintenance routine has been created and users can now expect maintenance to occur at midnight in the Eastern Timezone (currently GMT-4) for a minute or two, rather than the ten minutes that maintenance previously took.

- 100 new questions have been added! The category is Science: Astronomy.


- Maintenance now checks when you last logged into a game, not the site. Previously, maintenance would look at the last login time of the user, not the last time you logged into one of the games. This meant that if you logged in and played the green game and you had previously been active in the blue game, but chose not to play the blue game that day, the game still thought you logged in and dinged you for not eating and not building a shelter. This should now properly look at the login time for a specific game and will calculate things from there. Since I truly don't know the last time someone logged into a game, I have not populated these results and so you may have the side-effect of maintenance not having run properly for you. I did try to populate other values so that the game should think you ate and built shelter, just in case you were adversely affected. Overall, expect some weirdness the next time you log in, but that shouldn't carry over to subsequent sessions.

- Some questions had some extraneous quote marks or weird formatting. These have been fixed.

- A question asking who played the film version of Supergirl has now had an alternate answer added.

- A question asked "Who vehicle" and not "What vehicle". This has been fixed and I sincerely apologize for the horrendous grammar in that question up until this point.


- If you get errors about an undefined index, please log out and back in. This is your game session expiring and is a top priority in my next release. For best results, don't leave the browser window unattended for a long period of time.

- There is not currently a method to retrieve a forgotten password. Please contact us directly with your username and email address if you need to reset your password.

- The site is not currently mobile-responsive. Coming Soon (tm).

- There are a number of pages that a user will come across that are not at all styled. These will be fixed before beta.

- There's a really annoying bug in the paddle functionality. You'll know it if you see it. Please don't abuse it. Thank you!

- There are currently no "challenges", all three of which should be implemented for beta.

- There is not currently an end to the game. This will hopefully be implemented for beta, but way before launch if not.


A small FAQ for Alpha can be found here:


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