Patch 0.2.0 will be applied to the game on Saturday, January 4, at approximately 8pm ET (GMT-5). Estimated downtime will be about an hour, though it could be less. Let's hope it's not more! ;)

I'll post here when maintenance is complete and will also post the patch notes.

(Edit: 8pm instead of 7pm!)


  • Well, this is not going as smoothly as I'd hoped. I've discovered some issues with the maintenance routine that require further investigation before I apply the patch.

    More details as events warrant!

  • All right, figured out the maintenance issue and fixed it.

    Now on to actually applying the patch. 😄

  • Okay, so I identified the source of the maintenance issue and fixed it so it won't happen again. I've additionally modified the user database for both Green and Blue games to set everyone (who's at least done the intro in the respective games) as having logged in as of about 10pm ET on January 4 and then ran maintenance and then granted those people 100 energy. I'll make sure no one gets dinged after maintenance runs tonight, too.


    The patch will be going live in just a few minutes, as well as the patch notes. :)

  • Scheduled maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience!

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