River of Kurn Patch Notes: Patch 0.2.0a

River of Kurn, version 0.2.0a (Alpha Patch 2)

Released January 4, 2020


- A forgot password function! Haven't logged in for ages? Can't remember your password? No worries, just click on the "forgot password" link on the login page.

- A bit of guidance on the sleep page to let you know when your energy will be refreshed has been added.

- The music question in the intro questions has been changed to be something that should be more common knowledge and less niche.

- Text has been added to the registration form to indicate a valid email address is required.

- 200 new questions have been added! The categories are:

Entertainment: Movies: Star Wars

Science: Human Biology

(I promise there are no spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker in the questions. :) )

- Additionally, I've created a tool for myself to add questions much more easily than I was able to do previously. As such, expect more questions to be added regularly. (For real!)


- The introductory text said you'd be asked three questions but you're asked five. The text has been updated to reflect the actual number of questions you're asked.

- During the last maintenance window, on December 14, a bug was introduced that prevented maintenance for running for, oh, three weeks. 😐️ This bug has been resolved. As compensation to anyone who might have been affected, I've set anyone who has completed the intro to have logged in today and have granted 100 energy to everyone and will ensure that persists through maintenance tonight, so on your next login, you'll have a full 100 energy.

- Rejoice! The issue of expiring sessions should be fixed! Sessions should now expire after 1 hour and should log you out automatically if the session expires.


- The site is not currently mobile-responsive. Coming Soon (tm).

- There are a number of pages that a user will come across that are not at all styled. These will be fixed before beta.

- There's a really annoying bug in the paddle functionality. You'll know it if you see it. Please don't abuse it. Thank you!

- There are currently no "challenges", at least one of which should be implemented for beta, with the others being added incrementally in beta.

- There is not currently an end to the game. This will hopefully be implemented for beta, but way before launch if not.


A small FAQ for Alpha can be found here:


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